Soulshine Yoga + Movement Studio

353 Market Street, Sunbury, PA
Inside Sunbury’s Revitalization, Inc.

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Our Schedule.  

Our pricing.

Yoga – New Student Special…2 for $15.00
Yoga – Single Class…$12.00
Yoga – 10 Class Package…$100.00

Roll Play – Single Class…$20.00
Roll Play – 3 Class Package…$50.00

Class descriptions.

Gentle Yoga

Let’s face it, modern life can wreak havoc on our bodies, minds and well being.

In this practice, we will focus on yoga postures and breathing techniques to help combat the effects of modern day life, calm/focus the mind and soothe the body.

Stiff neck, tight chest, shallow breath, rounded shoulders, sluggish digestion, weak back and core, tight hips, shortened hamstrings, a mind that never stops…this practice can help.

This class is suitable for all experience levels and is a great choice for anyone new to yoga or those looking to unwind in a gentle mindful way.

Flow Yoga

We’ll start slow, to help focus the mind and calm the breath, before progressing to a more active flow meant to challenge us physically, help build strength and stamina. We’ll end with a sweet relaxation to let it all sink in.

Modifications will be offered so this class is accessible to all yoga levels, but it is best suited for those that have a bit of experience under their belts or like a challenge.

Roll Play

The Second Saturday of every month, Roll Play sessions will be a combination of breath work, yoga postures, self-massage and relaxation…all geared toward calming the nervous system, clearing energetic blockages and releasing tension in the physical body.

We call it “Roll Play” because we’ll use therapy balls to roll out our bodies, exploring and massaging our musculature and connective tissues, releasing trigger points and tension all along the way.

You’ll leave feeling like a million bucks!

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